Chinese Medicine Practitioner              

Registered in Acupuncturist

  • Bachelor’s Degree of Medicine(2004)
  • Attending Physician Qualification in TCM Orthopedics& Traumatology(2010)
  • AHPRA Registered in Acupuncturist(2014)
  • Certificate in First Aid(2014)
  • Accredited Membership of Australia Traditional Medicine Society(ATMS)

WENBO YU graduated from Dalian Medical University in 2004 in China and has more than 10 years of clinical experience as a physician in Acupuncture and TuiNa.

WENBO YU has particular interest in musculoskeletal issues treatment.


Remedial Massage Therapist


• Certificate of Chinese Traditional meridians and acupressure point theory (2008)

• Certificate of Chinese traditional cupping treatment (2008)

• Certificate of first-aid (2011)

• Diploma of remedial massage (2011)

• Certificate IV of reflexology feet massage (2011)

Anthony did a 2 years course in traditional Chinese treatment methods in China beginning in 2007. He has been working as a massage therapist in Australia since 2009. He has now been working as a Remedial massage therapist for 4 years.

Using specific techniques from remedial massage, deep tissue massage, trigger point release and cupping; Anthony specialises in pain relief, tension release, muscle stretch, and reflexology foot massage.

“The body is like an elastic band; when it is under constant tension, things snap! Using my knowledge and skills, I help to release the tension stored in the body, to relax, improve circulation and mobility, and bring the whole back into balance.”

Meet Our Team

​ANMO Massage Therapy is comprised of a team of Qualified Massage Therapists and Chinese Medicine Practitioners. All ANMO staff have vast experience working in the professional clinic, sports clubs and other areas of the massage industry.

Paula Espinoza Peña
Remedial Massage Therapist

  •  Diploma of Remedial Massage (2020, Australia)
  •  Diploma of Acupuncture (2015, Chile)
  •  Diploma of Tuina Massage (2014, Chile)
  •  Firs Aid & CPR Certificate
  •  Bachelor’s in Health Science (current)

Paula started her studies in health and Chinese medicine and massage in 2012 in
Chile and has a particular interest in musculoskeletal conditions, sport
rehabilitation and women’s health. Paula has been working with ANMO massage
since 2019.

With more than six years’ experience as a massage therapist, Paula is specializing
in trigger point release, Tuina, stretching and acupressure, treating patients with
various conditions.

“I believe that the body is continuously communicating what it needs, and it is
important to look for the balance between movement and relaxation/rest.
Massage is a great opportunity to look after your body, relieve pain, relax muscles
and manage stress and supporting your health.”

Daniel Guerrero

Remedial and Sport Massage Therapist

• Diploma of Counselling
• Certificate III in Individual Support.
• Certificate IV in Disability support
• Studies in Medicine and psychology in second year.
• Experience of 2 years as a Remedial and sport Massage therapist.

Daniel, originally from Colombia, has a background in Psychology and Medicine Studies, since he came to Australia, his life complete change, and he began to focus on my Physical health as with his Mental Health. Therefore, he started to involucrate himself in the fitness world and how a physical exercise and a good diet can change your life. However, the perfect result always come if you give to your muscles and your tissues the treat they need, and what is better than a Deep Tissue, Remedial or Sport massage therapy for that? Any of these therapies are going to give to your muscles, tissues and joins the treat they deserve after all the work they do for you every day, maximizing your results and reducing pain and fatigue.

Daniel Specializes in Sport, Deep Tissue, and Remedial Massages, focusing in decreasing the pain and fatigue of the body. Also, loves to give mental support to his clients to improve your results.

" You may know about sports massages, but you might not know about the benefits of sport massage. Sport massage is a form of massage that focuses on the muscles, tendons, and joints of the body. It can help to increase muscle mass and strength, decrease pain, and improve performance. It is easy to forget ourselves with this hectic life but remember that your body takes its toll when there is accumulated stress and fatigue, always but always you'll have a time for you mental and physical health, you just need to remember and respect it."